Friday, March 7, 2008

Ian's Big Day

He finally did it! Ian has cut his hair to give to Pantene for the American Cancer Society. It was scary for him, he thought about backing out, but he went through with it. We are all sooooo proud of him! He worked so hard for this day.

He started growing his hair a year and a half ago with a number of kids on his soccer team. They all quit, except Ian. He struggled through to the end. Here are some pictures.

Here is the start!

Dianna straightening his hair for the cut.

Look at how long it is!

The cut.

Ian showing off his hard work.

Dianna working her magic.

How Ian looks now.

My favorite picture of the day.

Great job Ian! You are just too cool!

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  1. Jim, Thank you for sharing Ian's big day with me! I am fuming over CA, too. Just finished listening to Adam McManus' show. Ian's story REALLY brightened my day!!! I moved from California a year and a half ago. So glad, too. My homeschooling friends used to tease me about moving to Texas. But, Texas is looking really good to them now with everything going on there. (smile) We are standing united in defending our parental rights.

    Ian, That was soooo brave of you and such a wonderful, Christ-like deed to do for someone else! I look forward to hearing about more things the Lord leads you to do in the future. Your hair is so beautiful and it is going to be such a blessing to someone. I would like to share with you as briefly as possible that I, too, had an opportunity to donate my hair, but it was out of necessity, unlike your heart of generosity. Almost 6 years ago, I was hit nearly head-on (between 55-60 mph) in a car accident. I ended up having to have 3 discs in my neck fused together. I was in so much pain that even the weight of my hair was too much to handle (it was past my hips). My mother paid a 'fancy' stylist to come to the hospital to cut my hair at chin level. The ponytail was donated to Locks of Love. It felt so good to to have the opportunity to do that. Your story encourages me to do it again. P.S. Your haircut looks GREAT! Thank you for blessing my day! Leinani