Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aidan the Barber

Okay...this is never good! How Aidan managed to cut out this chunk of hair and NOT do it in a conspicuous place is a testimony to his barbering skills. :)

Ice Skating with the Youth

Ian's a part of the Youth Group at Trinity now. This year they went to Greenville to go ice skating. The kids had a blast. Our pictures of this event didn't come out very good, but here's a few shots at least:

Trinity's fearless ice skating team.

Okay...they had these PVC pipe things to help the kids learn how to skate at the Skate Center. Watching Aidan put this thing to the test was comedic! You should have seen him scurrying all over the ring! I'm laughing as I write this!

The lighting wasn't very good for photos, plus we had to shoot from behind Plexiglas; so this was the best we could do in sharing the Aidan madness with you. :)

Ian taking a break.

We never did get a good shot of Mia skating, but we did get a good one of her eating. :)

This was a fun trip! All the kids want to do it again soon. Thanks to Andrew and Jennifer for putting the trip together.

Aidan's Birthday 2009

Aidan had a great birthday this year! His Grandparents came and he got to talk to Aunt Ginger, Uncle Chris and his cousin Tekoa for a few minutes. We communicate with them by Skype because they live in Brazil. Here's a few pictures of the Birthday Bash:

Give Aidan a set of Star Wars Legos and you'll have a happy kid, guaranteed!

Doesn't matter the size or theme, Aidan loves all Legos.

Aidan's new crash kit. Boy does he need this!

Once Aidan opens a set of legos, he'll spend hours with it. It was hard to get him away from his new collection to eat his cake.

This helmet was Aidan's big surprise this year. He's been wanting this clone trooper helmet for months! This picture doesn't do his excitement level justice, he was bouncing off the walls when he found it waiting on his chair!

The man and his cake.

Happy Birthday buddy! We sure do love you!

Aidan's Indiana Jones Birthday Cake

One of Aidan's favorite characters is Indiana Jones. So for Aidan's birthday, Tisha made a theme cake. Take a look! Yet another great cake to add to her collection!