Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Night's Hayride

Last night, Ian, Aidan and I took a trip to Niven's Farm with Ian's Scout Pack.  We were treated to a hayride, apple picking, and a corn maze.  Here are some pictures of the hayride.

Ian and his friends enjoying the ride.

Not sure what was up with Michael in this one.

Aidan on the ride.

Aidan is always so fascinated with everything that is going on around him.

The scarecrow reunion.

Our favorite scarecrow.

This is where the Scouts camp at Niven's from time-to-time.

Tisha and Mia has some mommy/daughter time while the boys and I were out.  They went shopping and got some coffee and hot chocolate.

Aidan the Lego Maniac

Much to Tisha's dismay, Aidan has become quite the Lego Maniac.  Mia took this picture and I just fell in love with it, so I wanted to share it with you.  I'll have to do a post of some of his other creations, they're pretty cool!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ian the Hunter!

Ian had an eventful week this past week.  It started with a trip to Columbia with his Webelos Pack for a very cold, very wet camp out.  We should all be proud of Ian.  He set up his tent all by himself, dried it out for sleeping, and threw the tarp over it.  Thanks to his efforts, he and his Grandfather were some of the few that didn't wake up soaked to the bone.

After his camping adventure, he and his Grandfather went to the hunt club for a few days of fellowship, hunting, and learning.  He kept a journal of all he did.  Wrote up an essay of what he learned, and brought home the bacon.  This was Ian's first time "really" hunting and he bagged a 7 pointer as a trophy for his effort.  Here are a few pictures:

Ian in his home-away-from-home at the hunt club.

Ian showing off his deer.  It weighted about 110 lbs.

Ian getting ready to learn how to skin and start processing his kill.

Grandpa also took a deer on this trip.  His was a 10 pointer and weighted about 183 lbs.

While Ian enjoyed hunting, I think one of his favorite pass times while at the club was driving the golf cart.

A special shout out goes to David, Rusty and his son, and all the others that made Ian's first hunt something to remember. 

A Time for War

What do you get when you have 7 boys, 3 girls and a bunch of nerf guns?  A whole lot of fun! One of Ian's best friends just celebrated his Birthday, and a group of his friends came to do battle as they ushered in another year for Charles.

It was epic and brutal, much to the boys delight, as the war continued late into the evening.  

When the group finally had enough, after multiple kills of course, Charles had his cake and ate it too.

The kids all had a blast and they look forward to another war in the near future!

Happy Birthday Charles!!!

The Blue Comets

The Blue Comets have not had the best season, but that wasn't from a lack of trying, or lack of team work.  In fact, I'd venture to say that this is one of the best teams Mia has been on in AYSO.  They always have fun!  They always get along! And they always build each other up!  

Not only are the kids all great, all the parents are too.  They are a fun loving bunch that, even though the Comets suffered many a defeat, never lost sight of what AYSO is all about; the joy of the game.

Here are a few action shots of Mia: