Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Visit to Troop 28

Ian's den had a tough choice to make this year. Do they stay with Troop 79 when they move up to Boy Scouts or join another Troop in the area? They visited three in all, Troop 3, Troop 28, and Troop 79. The boys all got together and assessed each Troop, their strengthens, their weaknesses and, how they though they'd get along with the other boys in each Troop.

After much debate, the majority of the Den picked Troop 28. Some of the selling points? They have an awesome Scout House dedicated to the Troop, they have a great record of pumping out eagles, and they camp A LOT. The only downer is one of their den mates chose to stay at Troop 79 because his brother is in that Troop. Here is a picture of Ian and his best friend Michael meeting with Troop 28's Scout Master:

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