Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trinity Youth Choir Christmas Musical

The kids have been busy this year! We'll start with the Trinity Youth Choir Christmas Musical. It was a simple program this year, but fun. Here are a few highlights:

Both Mia and Aidan had solos this year.

This was Aidan first BIG solo and he did a great job! Mia did too!

Ian is no longer in the youth choir, but that doesn't mean he's unwilling to help. He, Nancye, and Stephanie did the puppets. They were great! Nancye especially. She had Grandpa Jack laughing so hard I thought he'd have to leave. She's great on stage no matter what she does.

My favorite part of the musical was one of the last parts. The kids started with a couple of presents they used as props for the opening. At the end they use the same ones for the closing song. Aidan refused to take any other presents other than the ones he had the first time. The had to go through all of them until they found the right ones. He's something else!

Sorry about some of the red eye. I couldn't get my flash to work right with the lighting. :(

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