Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Tisha and the kids did a great job on the Halloween costumes this year.

Here is a picture of Ian.  His get up was my favorite this year!  Way cool!  I never did get to take a really good one of him because he and his friend jerked their costumes off as soon as they got home from trick or treating, ran up the road to do the neighborhood haunted trail, and then went to an all night lock in at Trinity.  You should have seen poor Ian trying to play soccer the day after the lock in!  Zero sleep plus soccer don't mix well.  All his team mates kept smacking him every time they'd run by trying to get him to wake up.

Here is a great shot of Mia and Aidan.  Tisha made the mushroom top out of a sombrero.  She is super creative and Mia looks just like one of the little mushrooms from Disney's Fantasia.  None us should be surprised that Aidan dressed up as Jango Fett.  He loves that Star Wars character.

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