Monday, April 21, 2008

Lego and Sanity

While on my trip I received this e-mail from Tisha after a couple of days of being out of touch:

I was going to write you Saturday after we got back from shopping, but what was supposed to be a triumphant trip turned into a mini insurrection. Allow me to explain.

Lee and Laura sent a belated birthday gift to Aidan. $20.00!!! Since we were already going to Target I told him he could take his money. Guess what he wanted to buy? Indiana Jones Legos. Well, we did our shopping but they did not have the Lego set we were looking for at Target. Aidan was sad so I took him to Toys r Us. NO INDIANA JONES AT TOYS R US! Okay, so I broke my cardinal rule and took him to Wal-mart. They did not have the one he wanted either but there was one he would accept and at this point he was not going home without some kind of INDIANA JONES. I had had enough about two stores ago, Mia was stuck to me like glue because she didn't want to get lost in Wal-mart and Ian was threating Aidan with his life if he hummed the Indiana Jones movie theme just one more time. We grabbed the set, stood in line for about twenty minutes (I hate Wal-mart) and rushed home. Everybody was happy, until.

As I was unpacking my other purchases I hear from upstairs," Oh no! It's Annakin Skywalkers head!" Yes, the Lego company had packed a Annakin Skywalker head instead of a Indiana Jones head in the kit. Let me tell you, an 'A' bomb went off in this house that measured on the Richter scale. Well, I'm going to make a very long story short by saying first of all I can just imagine how insane this all sounds coming from a thirty six year old women. Now imagine the way I had to explain this to the very nice customer representative from the Lego company. I had to pinch myself a few times during our conversation. While other sensible people my age are solving the worlds problems I am saying,"No, Annikan has a scar on his face and has blue eyes, and Indiana has a beard and dark eyes. Yes, I have the part number."

Would someone please slip some cyanide into my coffee!

So, in about ten business days we should be golden. I took some Mommy time after all this and shaved the dog's head. I hope your having a good trip. I'll write you again after school today.

Love you, Tisha

There is never a dull moment in my house!

PS - Lego made good and Aidan now has his Indiana Jones head for his mini-figure.

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  1. What a great quote:

    "I took some Mommy time after all this and shaved the dog’s head."

    I had to blog about that quote on my blog. I couldn't stop laughing. Is the dog bald now?