Saturday, February 2, 2008

Two Forms of Sickness

We've had two forms of sickness in the Discovery Clan today. The first would be Mia. This kind of sickness would be defined as viral. She's had some kind of stomach bug that has put her down for the count. We're not 100% certain what she's fighting off because one thing we can say about Mia is she's tough. She rarely gets sick, and when she does, her little body fights the sickness in strange ways. We sometimes need to wait for one of the boys to get sick to finally figure out what she had.

The second form of sickness we have seen at the Discovery Clan today would be classified as mental. You'll understand this diagnosis once you realize that's a pair of underwear on Aidan's head. He decided to be a Chef tonight. I told Aidan that a more realistic (and perhaps more sanitary) option would be two pieces of paper and some tape. The result looked a little better and made me fell a little better about his future in food service.

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