Monday, January 14, 2008

A Busy but Fun Weekend

This weekend we were privileged to host Andrew and Jennifer Gretzinger and their lovely daughter Kathleen. They were here for a 3 day interview for the Assistant Pastor position at Trinity.

We started on Friday night with a casual dinner and a time to get to know the Gretzingers. The shared they're testimonies and we asked a few questions about how they would minister to Trinity's youth if they came.

On Saturday morning, a number of the ladies cooked breakfast for them and the session (which was outstanding by the way) and then they interviewed with the session. The session spent some time explaining the mission of Trinity and asked a number of theological and scenario questions of the couple.

Saturday evening, Bill put together a jam up meal and game time for the youth. This was designed to allow the kids to get to know Andrew and Jennifer and it gave the Gretzingers a chance to share they testimony with them. Bill should be commended for this event, he made it a stellar success!

On Sunday morning Andrew taught Sunday School to the youth. I haven't heard all of the particulars of how that went, but I did here the content was great and a number of the kids liked both Andrew and Jennifer personally. Sunday afternoon we took them out for lunch with the Chapman's and then sadly said good by.

I can't speak for the rest of the people at Trinity, but Tisha and I can honestly said the Gretzingers were a joy to have in our home and that they took a genuine interest in our kids. Even if it turns out that they are not a good fit for Trinity, they will be a blessing where ever they land. Here's to hoping the response will be favorable.

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