Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Great Lord's Day

Today was a wonderful day!!!!

Our Sunday School Class ate breakfast together and had a fellowship time to celebrate Christmas. Todd Pearson and his family were back for a visit from North Carolina, so we had the chance to see their newest addition. And Pastor Ray had a great message for us this morning from Isaiah 9.

After church, the Discovery Clan met up with the West's and we all went to visit Tisha's Aunt Lola. She is 98 years old!! She's pretty sick, but you've never met a woman with a better attitude, or more vim and vigger, than she!!!! There was a large group over a Darren's house to usher in what MAY be Lola's last Christmas on this side of eternity! She enjoyed the children, and Mickey sang her solo for her from this years cantata at Roebuck.

We finished off the night over at Roebuck for their annual cantata. The Roebuck Choir did a terrific job, and Mickey sang a beautiful solo. Without a doubt though, Ray Bobo's narration added a great punch to the performance! I could tell that he worked many an hour on it to get it just right!!! He was soooo much fun to listen to and watch! I've never seen anyone get "into" things like he does! It's all or nothing for him!!! We also got to visit with Eric and Brandy Lindsey and finally had the chance to buy a couple of their CD's. We listened to their newest one on the way home, it was great!!!

Today was the real start of Christmas for me! It's been a little hard to get into the spirit of Christmas this year, but after today, I'm rearing to go!!!!

PS - I "DID" have a video of Mickey singing her solo, but like a dummy, I accidentally uploaded it to my Jim Sharp blog and then lost it when I tried to transfer it. By that time I had already deleted it off my camcorder. Yet another lesson learned!! Don't delete things until you're sure you're done with them!!!!!! Sorry everyone!!!!! Of course Mickey is breathing a sigh of relief right now! ;)

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